How to Move with Large Pieces of Furniture

Moving requires time, money, and working out lots of detailed plans. Moving large furniture is one thing that requires special attention. This planning is sometimes overlooked, perhaps because it can be confusing. Below is a detailed approach that will get you through this important process. You can avoid unexpected hassle by following these three strategies to prepare, and three simple tips to solve any problems that may arise.

Make a Detailed Plan


To plan how you will move large furniture items from your current home to your new home, you will need to take several measurements. First, measure the furniture. Second, measure the house: doors, hallways, stairwells, and even windows. Be sure to measure your current house and your new house.

Plan the Path:

Using the measurements you just made, find a path to move the furniture without causing damage. Which halls, stairwells, and doorways are large enough to accommodate your furniture? If it will be a tight squeeze, visualize how to rotate the furniture so that it will not hit walls or door frames. Where will you be when you turn the furniture? Orient it correctly before you are stranded in a too­small entryway at the front door.

Call the Experts:

If you cannot plan a good route, call a moving company for advice. Professional movers can come to your house, assess the furniture and your home, and advise you how to move it.

If the Furniture Just Won’t Fit:

Sometimes furniture is just too big to fit through the door. No amount of planning and rotating is going to change that. Here are three suggestions to deal with that problem.

Take it Apart:

Is it possible to dismantle your large furniture item? This may be the best solution. Taking apart furniture for moving usually requires a specialist with the right tools and knowledge. Many moving companies offer this service.

Use a Window:

If your furniture cannot be dismantled, then your second option is to use a large upstairs window. This will also require the help of professional movers. Moving furniture through an upper­story window requires expertise and specialized equipment. Get a quote in advance for this or any other professional assistance you will need so that you can budget accordingly.

Let It Go:

If your furniture is too large to get out of the house in one piece, and it cannot be taken apart and put together again in your new home, then it is time to consider giving it away. You might leave it at your old home for the next owner to enjoy. Or you might donate it to a charity, sell it to someone else, or discard it. If selling, donating, or disposing of the furniture does not fit your needs, putting it in storage is another option. You must pay for the storage unit, so be sure to research costs in advance and plan that into your budget. These strategies for planning your move with large furniture, and tips on dealing with furniture that is too big to move, should make your move preparations go more smoothly.