Moving Made Easy!

8 Useful Tips for Moving Into a New Home

Relocation is both exciting and overwhelming. Changing homes can be tough, time-consuming and sometimes expensive. A relocation requires adequate Planning. It’s, therefore, important to utilize all the help, information and advice you can get. Here are nine tips to help you relocate with ease.

Choose your new home:

Choosing your neighborhood will get you started. When you pick the new house, you will adequately make other necessary plans. You will know what job and school options are available. You will also plan on the necessary utility adjustments. You will also consider the size and the floor plan of the house when making packing and positioning decisions. Prepare an inventory of the boxes, furniture, and other items to be moved. Make a list of all the items to be moved. The list will help you plan on the amount and type of packing materials you will require. Moving companies will also want this list before giving you a moving cost estimate. They will use the list to make a cost and time assessment.

Set a moving date:

Now that you know the new home and the items to bring, decide on the relocation date. The time should be convenient to you, and the people helping you. If you are using a moving company, understand that relocations costs are usually higher during holidays, weekends and summer months. The demand for relocation services is high on such dates, and this can push relocation costs up by 20%.

Organize the home cleaning:

The house has to be cleaned prior to your moving in. You can either clean the new house yourself or hire a cleaning company. Cleaning it yourself can save you money but it is time ­consuming and laborious. A cleaning company will cost you some money but can do a thorough job conveniently.

Don’t let kids and pets slow you down:

Arrange someone to mind your kids and pets on the relocation day. Children and pets can slow you down. If you have movers kids and pets can distract them considerably. A trusted friend or a family member can help you there.

Consider hiring a moving company:

Using movers is recommended. They have the necessary equipment and expertise. They will make your relocation faster and convenient. Make sure to give your movers a floor plan of the new home. Give the movers clear instructions on what you need to be done. It’s also important to mark the doors. Taping notes on the doors will make it easy for the movers differentiate the rooms and unload the furniture and the boxes accordingly.

Re-­check the appliances, switches, and locks:

Confirm that everything is in working condition. It’s a good practice to change the locks.

Get the bed ready:

You may also want to unpack, assemble and get the bed ready first. A relocation can leave you exhausted and in need of some recharging sleep.

Throw a goodbye party:

When you’re ready to go, you may want to take some good memories with you. A farewell party will be a good chance to have some good time with friends, to thank them and bid them goodbye.