How to Pack for Your Big Move

During relocation, packing is one task that needs a lot of attention. It is certainly a time-consuming task but this is not the hardest part of it. The puzzle lies on what items to pack and what not to. This is because you can hire a professional to pack for you but you are the only person to decide on what to pack and what not to. Will you move all the items or donate some? Do you have special gifts which you cannot afford to lose? There are so many answers you need before you decide. The good news is that, with this guide on what to and what not to pack, your job is made easier.

What not to pack

Items to throw away:

It is most likely that you have things in your house which are worn out, damaged or that have been superseded by new ones. You do not need to pack them especially when you’re considering the moving charges. These are some of the things you should not carry with yourself as they are going to increase the moving costs. Items you are not sure what their purpose is. There are items that sit on our shelves, collect dust and we do not know why exactly we need them. In such a case, consider whether such items have any emotional value to you and do away with them.

Items to sell:

There are those items you don’t need but they are still in good condition. Selling these items is a good idea as you can still get some cash to cater for some of the moving costs. Items worth donating. You probably have some items in your house which you could use to touch somebody’s life somewhere. If so, you could always donate them.

Money, documents and valuables:

These could be bank documents, title deeds, laptops, jewels, credit cards and such things. They need to be protected always and so the best advice is that you carry them yourself.

Perishables, corrosives, explosives and weapons:

They need special attention­ so your local moving company cannot be allowed to move them.

What to pack

Fragile and precious things:

Paintings and art need special attention. They need to be handled by professional movers who will pack them on wooden boxes or crates for their safety.


These too are valuable items in your house. Certainly, you have some or all of these; TV, Fridge, microwave, iron box, computer, printer and DVD. Follow manufacturer’s manual to pack such things.


If you are moving with your furniture, the situation may be tricky. Some items are usually big, heavy and some don’t even have definite shapes. This calls for them to be dismantled before moving. In case you doubt your ability to disassemble or dismantle furniture without damages, call an expert to do that for you.

Items you have emotional connection with:

For example, a souvenir you adore so much would be on the list on what to pack. Pack them using the right packing materials for safe moving.

One thing to remember:

Always plan on who to do the packing. Hiring a professional mover is advisable here. There are quite a number of items that need special attention, and this is where a reliable professional comes in. Dealing with one makes moving a less stressful process and a more effective one.