How to Plan an Office or Business Move

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Moving your business to a new office location is a challenging, multi-step process and a time-sensitive operation. Careful planning and organization are the keys to a successful and hassle-free move.

Planning Your Move

  • A timeline that outlines all the essential stages of your move will be needed in order to assure minimal disruption to your business 
  • You will want to ensure the schedule is feasible
  • Don’t underestimate how much time you will need. 
  • A small office may need a minimum of three months to plan and prep a move 
  • A  medium to large office may require six to eight months or more, just for the planning

Planning Your New Office Space

It is recommended you compare a general layout plan of your current space with blueprints of your new space. Collect all available information on the new space to assist you in designing the new office layout. This is also an opportunity for you to improve on areas that were not laid out properly in your current office and avoid repeating the same mistakes in your new space.

You may need to hire carpenters, painters, electricians, systems installers, and other professionals if, for example, you’ll need to build walls, add wiring, or make any other changes prior to your move. If so, make sure these expenses are budgeted for, and don’t forget to allow the required time needed to complete these chores before moving, lest you want your employees to find themselves trying to work with constant disruption, noise, and dust. These mishaps are more common than you might think.

Steps For A  Successful Move

Moving is a multistep process and in order for a business move to be successful, you will need the collaboration and contribution of your employees. Start by assigning specific tasks to different employees.

  • Build a moving team 
  • Appoint a rep for each department to coordinate 
  • Assign Tasks
  • Ensure that each employee takes responsibility for packing their desk, files, and personal items
  • Conduct regular meetings to keep everyone on the same page and address concerns and issues that may arise
  • Determine your budget
  • Make a contact list and make sure all your clients and suppliers know where you’re moving to
  • Hire the movers

One of the most important decisions you’ll be making is which commercial moving company to use. Not all moving companies are created equal and choosing the wrong one could turn the move into a costly and disrupting proposition for any business. 

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