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How to Choose a Moving Company in Downtown Denver

A poorly done moving job can lead to the loss of thousands of dollars to replace damaged valuables. Each state has their own set of moving related laws that have been established to protect the consumer. So, if you work with a shady moving company with no insurance for example, you will have to foot the bill for any damages to your goods. Therefore, you need to conduct some research beforehand, so that you can work with a reputable company that you trust to handle your valuables. Let’s take a look at how you can find reputable moving companies in Denver.

1) Hire Locally

The fact of the matter is, anyone can build a website and call themselves a licensed, professional mover. By working with a company that’s locally based in your area, you can avoid the possibility of encountering a shady company online. Ideally, before choosing any company, you should visit their office and evaluate their equipment to see if they are on par with industry standards.

2) Compare Estimates

Never go with the lowest offer. This is usually indicative of the type of quality service you will receive. A representative from the American Moving and Storage Association proclaims that you should get and compare at least 3 different estimates. In addition to that, the size of your home and the amount of valuables you have, will determine the overall price that you pay to have them moved. As such, if a company provides you with an estimate before they even get a chance to see where your items are located, this is a major red flag.

3) Check State Laws/Verify License

Each professional moving company is assigned a specific number by the Department of Transportation. This number is used to identify moving companies as they traverse through multiple states. If a company proclaims that they are licensed and insured, the law dictates that they should display this number on their website and give it to customers when they ask for it. However, be aware that licensing requirements vary by state. While some states do not regulate interstate movers, 33 states require that professional movers get a federal DOT number.

4) Check Complaints And Reviews Online

Google reviews are readily available at our other location with around 800 reviews and a 4.9-star rating, you can rest assured that we will do a great job. Also the Better Business Bureau website have reviews on over 20,000 moving companies. Each company is given a rating in regards to the quality of service they provide and the way in which they handle customer disputes. This can prove to be an excellent place to check the background of a moving company. In addition to that, by going to a search engine and typing the company’s name with the word ‘review’, such as “Moving Guys reviews” you can find any online review that has been made about the company.

5) Be Cautious With Companies That Require Large Deposits

A good general rule of thumb to follow is that no reputable company will ask their clients to deposit more than 20% up-front. In fact, reputable moving companies in Denver will wait until services have been rendered, before they ask for payment. But, some companies do require a small deposit just to ensure that the client will follow through with their plan. In a situation like this you should only use your credit card so that you can file a dispute if an issue arises.

Local Moving LLC: Downtown Denver

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