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Moving and packing supplies denver

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Local Moving LLC always keeps a full stock of all moving supplies. We offer all supplies needed to make the move easy and less stressful for the client.

Our warehouse is located just two miles outside downtown Denver which makes purchasing supplies from one of Denver’s high rated moving companies convenient.

When Local Moving LLC is hired for your full-service move, we will provide all supplies and equipment needed the day of the move. We also offer a service where we can deliver the supplies before the move to a client’s home if the client prefers to save money and pack all their belongings personally.

Our supply costs are comparable to major retail stores such as U-Haul, Home Depot and Lowes. We buy our supplies in bulk so we can offer our clients competitive prices.

Local Moving LLC offers a 100% buy back policy of all boxes/supplies that are not used during the move. Below is a full list of supplies with costs that we supply every day.

Item:                                     sale price:
1.5 box (small):                       $1.50
3.0 box (medium):                 $2.25
4.5 box (large):                        $2.75
Dish Pack:                                $5.50
Small Dish Pack:                     $5.15
Dish CTN cell kit:                    $10.50
Wardrobe/large:                      $13.00
Wardrobe/shorty:                    $11.00
Mirror CTN:                              $1.25 each piece
Packing Paper 10lbs:               $9.00
Tape:                                           $3.00 per roll
Peanuts/large:                          $25.00
Bubble wrap large:                   $23.75
Bubble wrap small:                  $22.00
Markers:                                     $1.25
Rope:                                           $5.00
Mattress Bags:
Twin:                                           $10.00
Full:                                             $10.00
Queen:                                        $10.00
King:                                           $10.00
TV Boxes:
44 inch:                                     $15.00
55 inch:                                     $23.00
67inch:                                      $30.00