Moving Companies in Denver, CO

Looking for the best moving companies in Denver? In this short article you will find a list of the top rated moving companies in town. Below represents a list from Yelp and Google+ Business.

Obviously, we’re biased, but we believe we are the best in Denver for service, price, and efficiency, and we’re not afraid to show you the links to our business reviews, so here they are:

Local Moving LLC
300 West 53rd Place Unit G
Denver, CO 80216
(303) 355-6683
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1. Fischer Van Lines Moving & Storage, LLC
Denver Area, (720) 297-9904

2. Around the Clock Movers
Denver Area, (720) 644-1736

3. Denver Professional Movers
Denver Area, (720) 863-6848

4. Denver Small Moves
Denver Area, (720) 810-6821

5. Vosco Moving
Denver Area, (720) 999-1974

6. Amazing Moves Moving& Storage
Denver Area, (303) 668-7444

7. Colorado Movers
Denver Area, (303) 296-0483

8. Moving U
Denver Area, (303) 653-1486

9. Stallion Moving Services
Denver Area, (720) 880-8554

10. Diehard Movers Denver
Denver Area, (720) 525-3565

11. Alhood Van Lines
(303) 578-2223

12. Behoove Moving & Cleaning
(720) 251-5797

13. You Move Me Denver
(800) 926-3900

14. Ritenour Moving Services
(720) 227-6576

15. Abe Lincoln Movers
(303) 458-6683

16. Mile High Movers, LLC
(720) 425-2432

17. The Wright Move
(720) 281-1929

18. Special Ops Moving
(303) 800-3303

19. A Simple Move
(303) 368-0700

20. Buehler Moving Companies
(303) 388-4000

The best places to find other Denver moving companies are obviously:


What do you look for in a moving company? During such a stressful time, the last thing you want to do is research moving companies! You want a company you know and trust…

A moving company that will not price-gouge you or rip you off… A company that is insured!! And that’s not only insured but has staff who have integrity and will report when something is broken or mishandled…

So, how do you know what kind of moving company you’re going to get? What research is conclusive?

If you’re like most people, you’ll ask a friend and get a referral. If not, you’ll look at online peer reviews.

We’re happy to report that our number one source of business is referrals!! We’re also one of the most highly reviewed moving companies in Denver!

Go with Trust & Responsibility, at the Most Affordable price!

Let’s make your move fast & easy!