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Storage Units Downtown Denver, CO

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The Easiest, Most Convenient & Most Organized Way to Store Your Stuff!

How Do I Pack My Storage Unit?

You don’t! We will professionally organize, inventory, and pack your storage unit so you don’t have to!

How Do I Get Stuff Out Of My Storage Unit?

All you have to do, if you need get something from your unit, is give us a call. We will quickly get it out of your unit and have it waiting for you. Our organization and inventory of your belongings makes this quick and easy.

Do I Pick Up My Items At The Warehouse Or Do You Deliver Them?

You can either pick up, or we’ll deliver for a small additional fee. This is ideal for anyone living in Downtown Denver, since we’re just a couple miles away.

Where Is My Storage Unit Warehoused?

We are conveniently located right outside downtown, close enough to service downtown Denver’s storage unit needs.

What Can I Fit In My Unit?

Each unit will hold roughly one average sized room, depending on what kind of big items you have.

Is My Storage Unit Climate Controlled?

Yes, all of our units are temperature controlled.

How Much Will I Have To Pay For Insuring My Storage Unit?

We are the only storage company in Denver to offer FREE insurance. Because we inventory all of your belongings, we add up to $2k of your items to our insurance policy at no additional fee. If anything is lost, broken, stolen, burned or flooded… you’re covered!

How Much More Will All This Extra Service Cost Me?

Once again, we are competitively priced with all storage units Downtown Denver.

How Does Concierge Storage Compare With Self Storage Units?

Downtown storage units are a hot commodity and we are quickly running out of space! People love the ease and convenience of having professionals pack and organize their unit.

How likely would you catalogue and organize everything you put in storage during a hectic move?… Not very likely! 

After a few weeks, especially during the chaos of a move, people are extremely frustrated when they can’t find something in their new place. Often they can’t remember if it made the move or went into storage.

All of that annoyance is taken care of for no additional fee. You will have a thorough list of everything you put in the unit.

This is hands down the most convenient way to store your belongings!

Hassle Free, With Convenient Storage Units Downtown Denver!

  • All of Your Items Stored with Us Are Covered Under Our Insurance!
  • Climate Controlled

Self Storage Denver, CO

Deciding between self-storage units in Denver and Concierge storage? We make the decision easy, providing A+ service to make your life more convenient and more organized.

Affordable Storage Units Denver

Our storage units are affordable, with very competitive prices, but we are not cheap. We give you outstanding quality and service for the price, and strive to give you an amazing Denver Storage experience

Moving and Storage Company

We are best known for our moving company and have some of the highest ratings of any moving company in Denver. As of 2016 we are proving our all new concierge moving service.


We give you complimentary insurance that covers you for $2,000 if your goods are damaged, lost, or stolen. We are the ONLY Denver storage company to not up-charge for insurance!

The Benefits of Storage with a Moving Company

Are you about to move to your new home but your new place isn’t ready to fit all your furniture? Many owners wait anxiously for the day when they can move to their new home only to realize that they can’t take all their furniture with them yet. Maybe you realize the house needs renovations before you can move all your stuff, or maybe your new house is too small to fit all your furniture – forcing you to find an improvised place where to store your things, usually in the house of family members of friends. But this is usually a risky solution since it can lead to frictions and they may not treat your things carefully.

Denver Storage Units

Luckily for you, we offer Denver storage units where you can keep your goods safe from theft, damage, or destructive elements like moisture and heat. We help our clients to pack and load their things, and move them to a storage unit until you are ready to take them to your new home. Our expert staff of movers are skilled in making the most out of your storage unit, helping you to save money by arranging your things in a way in which they don’t waste space and don’t risk damaging fragile valuables like glass, or electronics.

Why risk the chance of having your valuables stolen or damaged by storing them in other people’s houses, when you can keep them in a safe place and always have access to them whenever you want? We offer home owners the best alternative when it comes to storing their valuables. We know how much you’ve worked to buy your house’s valuables, that’s why we provide our clients with storage units where you can safeguard your things for economic prices. Call us now and get the best storage services from the leading moving experts in the business.

Moving Services in Denver, Colorado

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