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How do I plan an office move in the heat of the summer? 

A reported 70 percent of all moves, in the USA, take place between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend. This “peak moving season”, unfortunately, happens to fall during the scorching summer months. There are a few disadvantages, to moving during the peak moving season, aside from the heat, amongst which, the higher moving costs.  

How much does it cost to move an office?
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If you’re prepping to do a summer move, you’ll need to plan and prepare, carefully, for dealing with heat and humidity the move gets a whole lot more labor-intensive. If you choose not to hire professional office movers and you intend to move with the help of family and friends, take into consideration that lifting heavy furniture and boxes, disassembling, and reassembling furniture in extreme heat is not a simple task. Here are some helpful tips, to assist you in a successful summer office move. 

Here are some quick tips:

  1. 12-- 6 months prior to the move
  2. Select one location to arrange office relocation notes as well as to-do things. ...
  3. Organize key files. ...
  4. Announce the step. ...
  5. Talk to workers. ...
  6. Establish your budget and purchasing procedure. ...
  7. Establish and tape vital details. ...
  8. Make lists of what you have and lists of what you require.

Plan Ahead

The steps and process of planning a successful move, any time of year, is to plan ahead. The first step, in a successful summer move, is to take care of all the logistics and paperwork, so you can count on your new home to have electricity and water, once you get there. Make sure you or someone else turns on the AC plenty of time before you arrive, to ensure that you have a cool comfortable environment when you are unloading your belongings.

Move During Cooler Hours

Try your best to plan your move during the cooler hours of the day. Consider loading the truck the night prior to your move or start in the very early morning hours. It may still be dark out, but it will be far cooler.  If you can’t get everything done before the thermometer rises, take a break out of the sun and heat, and resume at sunset.

Top 10 Denver Office Moving Companies Near Me

Be Prepared

  • Wear the right clothing, preferably light, loose-fitting clothing, appropriate close-toed shoes, and a cap or scarf for your head. Gloves are handy to give you a better grip and useful for unloading metal and hard plastic items, which could be hot to the touch after being in a hot truck for hours.
  • Bring a full days supply of drinking water
  • Apply sunscreen
  • Stay hydrated
  • Have cold towels on-hand
  • Bring portable fans if you’re AC won’t be up and running at your new home

Stay Alert And Hydrated

Being exposed to high temperatures for too long can pose a risk to your health. Stay aware of any signs of overheating, such as elevated body temperature, headaches, nausea, dizziness, weakness, fainting, muscle cramps, seizures, and general confusion, and get immediately out of the heat. You can alternate between water and drinks with electrolytes, and do remember to eat, although it is advisable to avoid heavy, rich foods that weigh you down. 

If you are planning a summer move, let us do the heavy lifting for you. Local Moving  LLC, in Denver, is a Full-Service Moving Company. We’ll cater our services and labor to fit your requirements. From loading and unloading items to delivering and receiving them, we are dedicated to helping you with your labor needs. Schedule a service, and let Local Moving LLC prove to you why we are Denver’s highest-rated moving company all year round!

Office Moving FAQ

How Much is a typical Office Move?

For a 5,000-sf office, you need to prepare to pay between $5,000 and $7,500. Most movers will help with furniture setting up as well as disassembly in this cost; if your furnishings is complicated to establish, you must spending plan to be on the higher side of that variety.

Exactly how can I make my workplace simpler to move?

8 Steps To Making Your Office Move More Simple:

  1. Make A Timeline and Don’t for Get Your Checklist
  2. Find Professional Office Movers
  3. Employ Office Packers 
  4. Get the Blueprint of Your Office And Decide How You’re Going To Set It Up
  5. Organize With Your Office Moving Team
  6. Be In Communication With Your Office Moving Company
  7. Meet The Movers At Your New Location
  8. Manage How You Want Your Office Set Up

What would you look for in a good office moving company?

  1. good reviews on Google
  2. A good reputation in the city, which is Denver
  3. How long have they been in business moving offices
  4. Straight-forward Pricing

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