Would You Travel In a Hyperloop Pod?

German Students Hyperloop Pod Reaches Over 200 MPH.

This past weekend Tesla CEO Elon Musk held a competition at Space X’s headquarters in Hawthorne, California. Thirty students from Munich Technical University won the competition by having the fastest pod reaching maximum speed at 201 mph.  Earlier in the year the same teams prototype reached 58 mph..quite the increase in speed!

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Elon Musk congratulated the students on their amazing accomplishment on his Twitter with an epic video of the WARR Hyperloop Pod.

With a seemingly impossible vision now quickly becoming more of a reality, Our question to you is would you travel in the Hyperloop?

Via I-80, it is 1,785 miles to New York City, and would take 26hrs to drive. At 201 mph, that distance would only take 8.8hrs. The max “conceptual” speed of the Hyperloop is 760 mph, which would make your Denver to NYC trip only around 2.5 hours!